Monday, February 7, 2011

Government by finance...the EURO and the US

The EURO was a sneaky operation by the central bankers of the world to install a comprehensive governing system. Nigel Farrage explains the real issues that havr not only driven the EURO union into near destruction but also ruined the US democracy. One way or the other, once unelected people, whether bankers or officials appointed by bankers like Bernanke and Geithner, capitalize on a state being coerced into dependency on a debt currency the control is with the financial system and not the sovereign nation. This is the case in the US and the EURO...the laws, the choices and the objectives of a state cease being about and for the people when they grant control of their currency to private bankers. Instead the result is something else entirely and its not about the people or the state.

In the US the bankers wrestled control of the US currency away from the nation, bankrupted it in the depression, co-opted its gold and assets and managed a controlled bankruptcy ever since. Now the bankruptcy/insolvency in the US and EURO among other places are reaching extremes and once again the assets of the states will be transferred as collateral to people and interests who have no real nor deserved claim to them.
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