Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Perspective - charts you really need to see

For some perspective it appears that the Federal Reserve system is doing itself in, with fireworks via BURNanke's discombobulated and confused antics, off the same trend line on which they began their meddling manipulation. That can be seen in the Yellow trend lines on the Dow Jones Index as shown below. What is especially interesting is that the levels off the depression lows (caused by FED financial system meddling) also converge precisely at 1300. Given that the bastards manipulated the markets to 666 on the SP, 1313 sounds like another wonderful FU to the American Taxpayer.
Below we can see MAJOR trend direction via the Red line. If this level breaks the market will officially in a downtrend on a monthly time frame. Also please note the dotted blue trend line that was a rejection point for the entire credit inflation schema as perpetrated by the Fed and its minions...that started out just after Bretton Woods.
On the S&P 500 as shown below the markets is at a VERY unattractive place from a resistance level perspective. Additionally, please note the dotted trend line which also blew up our credit inflation scam implemented by the FED since Bretton Woods. Red trend line will officially put us in a long-term downtrend on a monthly time frame if it is broken. Trendline Resistance for the S&P comes in at 1313 to 1317.
Below are the transports. They sported a throw over in the mid 2000's which failed abysmally. Real resistance appears to be a wall and daily action looks very very sick. The DJ Trucking index looks like a very unhappy market and the Air Freight and Logistics index has dropped over 25% since last year. I can understand why, with all Bernanke's meddling in the commodity markets, prices may mark better for a bank but they don't for a real business. Real business will be buying MUCH less as will the consumer. Therefore, trucking and logistics will be in way less demand.
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