Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confirmed deaths in Ivory Coast up to 462 - Our values are at stake

But there is no oil there...so, Obama and friends will quietly ingnore the deaths and civil war going on there. Perhaps France will come to their aid and order a No-Drive zone...and get a UN resolution going...Well, I doubt it...the powers that be are too busy trying to protect Oil and prop up the stock market for a few insolvent banking buddies to be bothered with thousands lives at risk in a country that barely makes the US news...

The fact that these types of incongruencies are fostered out in the open by our government, the UN and other governments involved in the Libya offensive, is simply rediculous and demonstrate the values that are really at stake here. As I said earlier, this is a sad bunch. Perhaps, Hillary Clinton can sit nodding her head in affirmation of all the civillians that are absolutely not being injured and lives being ruined by us chosing our route. The reality is that there were other ways to go about a humanitarian mission than blowing people up and gettting us into another war. But perhaps is will distract us from other things that we should be paying attention to.
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