Sunday, March 27, 2011

While the establishment marches...they are more and more visible

This is a rather interesting video that I recalled this weekend that was made before the Libya operation in early march. There are many insightful observations in this interview and given how accurate Celente has been as was in this interview, I think its worth reviewing again.

We live in troubled times with leaders who lack integrity and values. The Libya operation (War) is hollow and a tremendous smoke screen for western leaders. Kind of like promoting solving a debt problem with more debt...they actually successfully floated "...solving a humanitarian problem with more killing". The European situation is one that I discussed in depth starting in 2009 - EURO on a trip to oblivion and one which will likely play out in the US in some form or another as people become more and more frustrated with the financial, governmental and regulatory systems that transfer their assets and hard work into the hands of others...sometimes in totally different parts of the country and more disturbingly and frequently to other countries entirely.

I think this video adds very good color to the situtation and certainly puts Barrosso's and Van Rompuy's performance in their recent press conference in a rather dim light. These guys are truly either entirely pathological or totally out of touch...

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