Monday, March 28, 2011

How much do we need to raise the debt ceiling to pay for imperialism in Libya?

Ironically, the government is still arguing about the budget and the debt ceiling. This issue is still lurking and waiting to torpedo something. The republicans can't seem to do math and the democrats skipped math class entirely. Republicans promised to reduce the deficit in a meaningful way - somehow that meaningful way has turned from much talk into only $60 billion in cuts which is kind of like going to McDonald's and deciding to reduce the bill by going from a supersize meal to a large one. What are these charletan's smoking? Now, lest I only complain about the republican's (I see dems and repubs as one party anyway), our man Obama (not to mention most of the domcorats currently in power) has done more to bankrupt this country than any other president (likely more than almost all the presidents before him when combined) and decides that imperialist ventures with no exit plan are on the table right when we are having trouble raising the debt ceiling? Wonder what will happen as this debt ceiling and budget issue heats up in the context of a math inhibited, moderatly IQ'ed and manhood inhibited president and a similarly handicapped Ben BURNanke? With both of these guys knowing only one manuever, how to get in...and no idea how to get out...the dollar is going to go through the roof!

I do not imagine that there is any way that anyone in their right mind can take anything Obama said on his Libya update seriously...he basically said absolutely nothing...but I actually feel like I know less about the implications of the official US and allied stance for this mission now than before his address... In fact, the only real question is going to be how long do we really think we will be there and how will we pay for it - which was a subject he rightly avoided to focus on. What we are left with is to attempt to read just how large and decpetive Obama's lies are about these matters... And this is not behavior that I feel proud of as representing a positive image of America. What about the many other conflicts that resulted in tremendous loss of life that never even made the US news let alone require military conflict. Ofcourse, Obama and many of the republican reviewers who endorsed the mission after his speach will only tell you to ingore that we have no idea who we are really supporting on the ground, or really how many civillian lives we are damaging - they only tell you the superficial marketing hype. That's the problem. And its also why we have a depression going on in this country because leadership uses outright deception to sell its adgenda's.

I tell you, our government is a sad bunch.

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