Thursday, September 29, 2011


Of course Journalism is not coming from anything close to mainstream in the US…try Aljezeera, CBC and RT for more interesting reporting…This video is of history, just keep in mind that what is about to happen is not…there is a compulsion among people to view a big even that can be documented in a memoriam in a piece like this as an indication of the event being behind us…history, however, is still being made and the event is still on going.

The funny thing is that the emerging meltdown of 2011 is WAY bigger than that of 2007 and 2008…few in the press is really talking about it. The actors in the last crisis did everything they could to promote double dealing and cronyism and the setup the BIGGEST financial calamity of all time. And who is watching the boat…the water is very rough and the storm has not even started. But I believe it is going to hit in the immediate future...

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