Monday, September 26, 2011

Video Update: Mind of Money with Douglass Lodmell

I did another in the series of “Mind of Money” interviews with Douglass Lodmell.

The obvious and contagious precious metals disaster/scam. is running ahead full steam - Gold is down 100 dollars as I write this and silver by well over 4 dollars. The reality is that all the Silver and Gold pumpers will likely come out again trying to make excuses for their markets and their mania…meanwhile I have made it clear their case was flawed and empty… really needs to stop coming up with new theories on this Silver and Gold Debacle they so much did not want to see and start getting some better thought out research out there. However, I am quite sure they will come out pumping silver and gold once again. As it is right now, there should be some sort of bounce from the 26.5 area for silver and may be some pause in the EURO implosion…but both will not likely last long if they happen…
if the video is blurry be sure to choose 480p resolution…240p looks terrible.
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