Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is Warren Buffett really the old man, uncle, grandpa you can always count on...

Look lets face it…the world of levitation and creation of wealth via the credit is fraught with risk…its also a form of gambling that few can resist. Warren Buffett, is no exception. He has built an empire financed by, built from and operating with the core ingredient of credit money. His insurance companies, his banks and most of his enterprises survive, breath and grow because of their interface with this system. Now, there is one thing that I will grant Mr. Buffett, he’s a really smart guy. But lets face it, he’s not grandpa. He’s not honest. He’s not focused on altruism or even capitalism. And whats more, he’s not built his empire on a foundation of bricks and he knows it…the one thing that he is, is predictable - you can certainly count on him in some rather intriguingly consistent ways.

The fact is that Mr. Buffett has consistently given horrible and conflicted investment advice which quickly gets filtered by the media to look rather different. He has consistently cronied up to anyone who can help him with his schemes. He advertises cute phrases which make things sound simple and congenial, but the reality is that they are anything but. His defense of Moody’s was essentially based on “How could I know, how could they know that there was a bubble in real estate and related products if 300 million people could not figure it out either.” I do have a video of his preposterous attempt at defending these guys - I will look for it. The reality is that Warren made a lot of money on the backs of those 300 million fools and he made a lot of money because of Moody’s business model of being paid by the issuer of financial products for their ratings. This is why, if you must know, the United States was absolutely complicit in arranging the debt downgrades that we have received from them.

I can not help but post this video of Buffett. I posted this post in May of this year...Warren "No Big Risk to the Economy" Buffett - disinformation…his interview is for you to judge. Please keep in mind that at the time, we had not had a recovery, it was clear to me that double dip was wildly optimistic and that hyperinflation was an imaginary delusion and that we are and have been in a very large scale depression…not a great recession - the only people who could call the continued debt and real-estate collapse a recovery are economists, analysts and apparently Warren Buffett. Is it really possible that I am smarter that Buffett? Or is it much more likely that Buffett is a very very smart guy (much smarter and more devious than me) embedded in the highest levels of cronyism and power who knows that he MUST absolutely lie and decieve in order to get his way? I think the answer is obvious, that is less than a 1% chance that he was not keenly aware that the risks to the economy were gargantuan, the risks to the financial system were even larger and that the risk of the mother of all deleveragings could happen at any time was imminent. But instead of telling the truth he lied…just like he did about his new tax the rich initiative. I suggest that you question his motivations and integrity on that one too. This is definitely feeling like a 2008 redeaux and deja vous all over again.

Here is his interview earlier this year - a few days after the S&P500 hit is highest point from the rally off the 2009 lows:

and here is his horrible and disgraceful testimony - under oath mind you.
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