Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kyle Bass: kettle calling the pot black

"The Profligate Idiots in Europe: They Have A German Pope And An Italian Central Banker” - Kyle Bass
The irony is that Kyle is totally off base with his concepts, his portfolio and his rhetoric very likely profligate himself - even though the leaders in Europe to happen to be fools. Kyle, however, is fresh off the success of a lifetime and fails to understand the issues we are facing…just like most of the successful PM’s out there is focused on Gold and Silver and so-called real assets. Kyle has bought 198,416 pounds of nickles, for Christ sake, because they have silver in them! Atleast, I would buy nickles because they have cash in them…but he has failed to study the problem and is simply hoping for a repeat of previous sucesses…The most obvious trade there is right now is buying REAL assets and Gold and Silver or Commodities. The inflation/real asset trade is not going to work.  Thank god I trade with systems…things are NOT as simple as Kyle would need them to be! In my opinion any PM who employ’s this ego driven trading idiom is a disaster waiting to happen.

It seems like Kyle is working on biting the dust just about as hard as Paulson…which given that Paulson is likely to be losing over 75% this year as per my previous forecasts quite a few months ago…is a pretty big dust bite. I think Kyle may fare better because he is actually smarter than Paulson and because it may take longer for him to cry wolf.

Past success is definitely not an indication of future returns - especially with regard to ego driven and highly misinformed trading and portfolio management.
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