Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Posting Activity...

I have recently received some feedback complaining that some of my recent posts have a abundance of grammatical and spelling errors…it seems that the deduction of why is that I am just "another guy with a blog”. I do agree there are too many spelling and grammar errors but its not because of said reason. So, out of respect to all of the people who read my blog I wanted to publicly discuss the subject.

I would like to address this for several reasons…Firstly, because I would like to ask for your patience and understanding for my process which is less than optimal as I am not seeking to be a professional blogger like Mish Shedlock for instance. Secondly, because I often am aware that I make a lot of mistakes when building a post or establishing a theme. And finally because of that I want to remind you, as readers of my blog, that if you read a post with a lot of errors - I am often in some state of review…which usually tends to occur after I hit the post button! Like I said my process is not exactly optimal. I will usually correct most of my mistakes and update the post in a timely and subsequent review…and sometimes add clarifying content or charts. So, IF you see a post with a lot of errors it pays to reread it later since I will likely correct most things and may add some addition content or clarity.

I want to clarify, for the record, that I NEVER edit posts for content once I released the post. So, once I am finished with my basic review of it, if I think its final, I will not touch it again. Many bloggers make a habit of editing prior posts post history so that their assertions in those posts look better. I consider that highly disrespectful of the reader. I do not edit my posts for content post history and do not edit comments out either. In fact, I used to have comments live on this blog, but it was a nuisance to manage them - especially when one particular idiot spent all day spamming…so, I simply eliminated comments functionality. But for a journalistic integrity I think articles should not be changed nor should comments be selectively edited.

On another note, i am requesting your understanding, writing a blog is not my main career objective…I am generally focused on writing software for trading or the actual trading itself. Additionally, very often as in last night, I am attempting to put together a fairly complex theme which is a challenge in an of itself, becomes an article of roughly 1000 words and I am doing it late at night when I am prone to be tired but have some spare cycles I can use to write a post. As I recall, I am one of the only bloggers who is sharing the level of clarity of what is going on in our markets and financial system that I am - yesterday’s post as many important ones are was timely, illuminating and I think useful even with its spelling and grammar mistakes…I am also generally doing the posts when I can…which means I may be rushing. This creates a greater opportunity for me to make grammar and spelling mistakes. Additionally, my personal process sometimes means I hit the post button to get the post out faster than sooner…then take a break and come back and review the post for a decent run of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I am doing this work as I can, I am not getting paid and I am trying my best.

To put this in perspective, currently my trading systems are live and long nearly $1 billion notional of Dollar futures contracts not to mention the equity shorts and commodity shorts I am dealing with…no matter how you slice it that is where my focus is and it is a significant pressure…as I am up double digits for my funds so far this month - I think my  efforts need to remain prioritized as they are…which definitely leaves proofreading my blog as a significantly lower priority. As I do enjoy writing for the blog and have the impression that people find some of this work of use, I will endeavor to improve my process and posts. Thanks for your readership and feedback.
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