Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warren Buffett approves of Bernake Re-appointment

Warren Buffett the oracle of Omaha and the Berkshire Hathaway CEO was asked by Bloomberg about Ben Bernanke and the FED  he said that he supports the FED and what Ben Bernanke have done also a renomination of Ben Bernanke , he was also asked by CNBC on June 24 wether he thinks Ben Bernanke should be appointed for a second term he answered: 

watch the video interview here
"I don't see how you could do better. Yeah. He has taken decisive action at a time when really decisive action was needed, and extraordinary action, things that we hadn't done before. If he hadn't of done -- I give the Bush administration credit on this. (Former Treasury Secretary) Hank Paulson. They don't do everything perfectly. Nobody does. And we were getting balls thrown at your head by the hour. You're going to make some mistakes. But they got us through a period that, if we had different people in those jobs, I'm not so sure we would have gotten through."
Just watch what happens next...and lets see if Bernake and company caused it, made it worse, or softened the effect...I suspect it will be highly clear that a guy who thinks publicly he prevented the great depression II exactly at the start of the next leg down is not going to be viewed with any credibility. What has Mr, Buffett been smoking...i thought they did not allow that stuff in Omaha.
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