Thursday, March 24, 2011

...and the MELTDOWN begins

Sorry to say it, but the Tokyo annex of the US and the Fed debt monetization system has provided so much disinformation regarding Fukushima that it has permeated our press and markets with inspired and pure manipulation. The gig is up and officials should be preparing us...

I see very little chance that the fuel in Fukushima can be cooled which puts hydrogen events on the table...this thing needs a sarcophagus and we need to prevent any new catastrophic hydrogen events - what's the plan? what are these guys doing? what is the US doing other than scrubbing the decks of its aircraft carriers to get the radiation off them and sending missiles into Libya? what is the world doing other than trying to distract us with a no-fly zone? In the name of humanity and human rights and in order to protect civilians...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Missiles are not the correct answer!

Systems added short equities indexes after covering nearly 50% of swing short positions yesterday and will likely add to positions on the close today. Also added long dollar and short EURO today. I feel embarrassed to be talking about a trade in light of the insanity that Bernanke and his sidekick Obama are pushing via their policies that exacerbate, create or distort the human condition. However, trading at this point is not just about trading its about self-preservation.

I wish for the best, but fear for the worst. The official silence is deafening.
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