Friday, March 25, 2011

Market, Social and Governmental Crash is in the offing

We have destroyed Libya's air-force as the first accomplishment to enforce a so-called no-fly-zone. Given that the job of destroying the airforce is now complete...we do not need a no-fly-zone operation anymore - just some enforcement resources. However, we are not there for humanitarian reasons. Therefore, we are there as a distraction and as a perversion of the imperialist policies of the west and its centrally planned debt based financial terrorism program. This is just one example of the insanity going on right now...let alone the misdirection of it.It may seem strange to bring this up in this way...however, we are in Libya for financial reasons not humanitarian ones...and those financial reasons are a part of the financial terrorism propogated by the Fed, the EU and IMF insolvency generation machine.

I added this Obama Address on 3/26 at 10:00 am...can we believe anything he says?

Now how about the non-Obama know the one with out the lies and disinformation:

People have had enough.

To understand the difference between the official reassurances and denials and reality...just watch this initial report of the Fukushima event. Here Japan boldly asserts claims that it does not have and distorts the information it does have. Given that backdrop, RT did the best report at the time of the emerging disaster and unlike the US media did not try to put a cherry on top of it. Who do you trust? Whom can you trust?

Disinformation is everywhere...Japan, the EU, Obama, BURNanke, and our mystery government data and yes that includes the GDP revision published today. The only news I currently reference is from non-US or non-mainstream media outlets. I suggest the you will need them in the very near future so here are the links:

The founding fathers would be horrified to see what we have accomplished with our world. I am warning, in the most emphatic terms...I think one should get out of this market. A very large market event is at risk of occurring, in my opinion, and will likely begin combustion early next week. Explosions are likely to be everywhere and in many forms and not limited to financial markets. Gold and Silver will not likely be spared, those commodities are likely at significant risk right now too, despite the widely held belief to the contrary. This is a quick post, just to let you know my thoughts. I do not have time for a long post...please forward anything of use on my blog to any friends and family. Given my vantage point - things are about to get very very very very ugly. I said it in a previous post - "trades now are about self-preservation" - please keep that thought in your mind. My attitude is to evaluate risk and reduce it to something that is comfortable and managable.

Most people would not make a post like this, however, I see no benefit to sitting around waiting when de-risking is a viable option and consideration of ones risk at this moment in history is of more importance than at any time in recent history. The result of this post for me is postive whether the events trigger early next week or not.

For your information, all of my major market systems are short or will be at the close today. I will post more details and research this weekend...But I want to get this out before the close.
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