Saturday, March 26, 2011

Results of the Euro Plus pact...They are advertising that they have a Bazooka

Where have I heard that before? And yes, they said they would not likely have to use it either. Both the idea of a Bazooka and its preventative confidence building capability were actually a sign of just how fearful things really were. BTW when they did use the Bazooka it just made things worse.

Now the EU thinks more fluff, sell-jobs, accounting control fraud and fancy instruments will allow them to run roughshod right over business 101. They actually seem to think that they can generate jobs and profits with an agenda designed to create losses...but they now have a 500 Billion Euro ($750 billion dollar - that sounds familiar too BTW) Bazooka that they assure as they will never need. Van Rompoy and Barroso - I believe you. I also believe that radiation levels 30 miles outside of Fukushima are perfectly safe and will schedule my trip there promptly.

Van Rompuy, who must be living in a parallel reality, actually says "...they have fundamentally improved the EU and financial system over the last year and those results are clearly and there". I could not agree more with all the obvious improvements so clearly on the record: Portugal - finished, Iceland blew the EURO off, Ireland - finished, Spain, Greece and many Eastern Euro participants - broke and will be finished soon and NO sovereign autonomy or power to manage individual domestic economic systems or relationships with their constituents...YES Van Rompuy, I can see the improvements and the results...very impressive job you have done. What's more - you now have a 500 Billion Euro Bazooka you apparently don't need...things look just peachy don't they. (personally, I think the Farage's comment comparing you with a damp rag was too optimistic.)

Consider the fact that this contingent can effectively declare a military operation and force its members to pay for it whether they like it or not? That my friends is NOT democracy...nor is it a sound platform for a financial and constitution system.

Next, consider that the EU watched each of its failing members descend into insolvency without doing a thing about it. Apparently it only realized that Ireland was a problem when it was too late...and these guys are fixing everything and on top of all the issues. The reality is that not only did the EU not see the insolvencies early enough to do something about them, but their policies and responses to the problems actually encouraged them and once revealed made them worse. What is funny is we are giving guys who have proven to be dangerous with a weapon a bazooka with the expectations that it will be preventative when in fact they will likely use it at some point and actually blow something else up.

Ironically, the US is attempting to implement another preventative financial Bazooka: UNLIMITED FDIC coverage for checking accounts and commercial clearing accounts. The question would come to mind: "Why Now?" What secret are you hiding and wealth transfer are you planning that you need to sneak this little tid bit in FDIC?

It is absolutely amazing to me that I can find nearly NO redeeming quality in leaders for the West. I believe this is due to their near total corruption by debt money blackmail and cronyism. People like Ron Paul and Nigel Farage are examples of people who I feel would not be corrupted by this regime and whom I do approve of. But I can list on one hand the politicians I feel represent their constituents rather then their personal interests...this will change as these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are removed from office and prosecuted by a very unhappy public. This will change as countries secede from the European Union and states distance (potentially secede) from the United States Union. As this process progresses, seceding governments will begin to begin to reflect their constituents and their revenue, financial and currency systems will begin to have a salient relationships to their constiutents needs and economic capabilities.

The performance of these two clowns in this video is an abomination.
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