Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Fed and Bullard...this guy is on TV, doing interviews, chasing the press...

I saw St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard on an Internet interview the other day and was stunned by his lack of knowledge and his distortions of fact. He is a baby by the looks of things, not to mention a clear Bernanke brown noser.

He can not have real experience in anything resembling a productive enterprise given his clear niavete but apparently has a few letters after his name from a Fed approved school...just like Bernanke. Apparently, Bullard feels it necessary to tout the success of a obvious failure with the entire Quantitative Easing program. Apparently he is nearly as out of touch as BURNanke and does not understand that people are rebelling against the system...specifically a system of slavery that is also increasing the challange of doing essential things like begin able to afford to eat and drive to work?

BullTURD is an idiot and I can not understand how he got his job? Why is he there? What are his accomplishments? Why is he spending so much time in the press these days? What is he trying to sell?

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